DFA Shows, 2013, 2014, John Rowton

Benefits:Jan Bruton, chairman, Patti Klecan and Victoria Newbill

Dinners and Banquets:Robin Skinner

Equipment: Tim Bernard, chairman, Robert Savage and David Gaffney

Grievance:Sally Crino , chairman, assisted by Joy Ritter and Shirley Rafferty

Health and Welfare: Laurie Raymond, chairman

Historian:Marie Johnston, chairman

Match 2013:Chuck Murray , chairman

Membership:Sally Crino, chairman, Erin Rouse and Geri Arnold

Obedience: Pam Weaver, chairman

Agility: Kay Deines, chairman

Parliamentarian: Diana Oliver

Policy:Rod Strand, Chairman, assisted by Marlene Fund and Pam Weaver

Programs:Rod Strand, Chairman

Responsible Dog Breeders' Association of Oregon and NAIA: Patti Strand , chairman

Breeder Referral:Robin Skinner and Marie Johnston

Newsletter: Erin Rouse, Editor