Cheryl Anderson

Geri Arnold

Christine and Tony Bartnick

Jo Allyn Beckett

Mary and Tim Bernard

Barbara Binder

Jan Bruton

Scott and Sandy Campbell

Wes and Noreen Cartwright

Robert E. Crader

Sally Crino

Kay Deines

Norma Dobbs

Jean Fleetwood

Olivia Fowlis

Marlene and John Fund

David and Mary Ann Gaffney

Jane and Jim Garvin

Kathy Gilliam

Jason Gretton

Lee Hills

Max Horn

Joanne Huntley

Michael and Julia Jackson

Marie L Johnston

Carol Kendig

Patte and Mark Klecan

David and Sharon Krogh

Laurie Lane

Rosemary Leist

Tom and Chris Levy

Bonnie Marczak

Libby Martin

Martha McVay

Larry Miller

Chuck and Joyce Murray

Victoria Newbill

Diana and William Oliver

Ronald Preston

Shirley Rafferty

Laurie Raymond

Joy and Joe Ritter

John and Michelle Rowton

Leslie Russell

Pamela and Alan Sage

Rick Serrano

Lyn and Jan Sinclair

Nancy Smth

Frances Stephens

Nancy Stines

Rodney and Patti Strand

Libby Martin Tucker

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